Thiruni dilshani
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Thiruni dilshani

Name in Full : Tikiri Hennadige Thiruni Dilshani

Date of birth : 01 11 2003

Mother : L. Y. Chandrani, 37 years old, no permanent job.

Father : T. H. Cirimal, 45 years old, fishermen. He is suffering from filarial and gets treatments.

Thiruni has one elder brother of 17 years age, not receiving any education and nor engaging any income generating activity, but stay home. Her elder sister studies at grade 8.

 Generally their family is in a very desperate situation when Thiruni joined our preschool at the beginning of year 2007.

At the time she entered our preschool, her mother had a fear of whether her daughter will be accepted in our preschool. The reason for that was that she had already visited another preschool near her home, but refused the admission as her poor talking ability.

Generally Thiruni did not speak more than four to five words, and was very much away from the community. She was very aggressive girl and had a mood face at all times.

Our teachers has taken this opportunity as a challenge and promised the mother that her daughter will be kindly looked after in this place.

With in the first 3 months of the time, she began to show a significant change in her behaviors. 

She slowly started singing alone and to say the poems of Buddha preaching. The parents have noted her doing home work and practicing the activities learned at preschool. At this stage, most of the family members attention were drawn towards her progress. When she completed her first year at TCR, she was at a very competitive level compare with the other children. She actively joined the year end concert and participated the training sessions with pleasure. She was the main character for many events and pioneered her own dancing culture. After the event, her mother and relations were highly appreciated Thiruni’s activities and heartily thanked TCR and the teachers for the fantastic dedication to make Thiruni a capable child.

As she was still a year away from her school, TCR teachers wanted to keep her for the second year too. Her parents were very much happy to hear that.

Thiruni was the very first one to be friendly with the new comers for the year 2008. She was a leader and guided the fresh kids. It was an interesting fact to watch how she managed the other kids at many events. She was a good fried as well as a teacher for them. Even the new comers felt very much relaxed with Thiruni’s association.

She wanted to be the leader at any group game or activity. She wanted others to be listened to her word. No matter whom they are, teachers, parents or any other persons. At this period she improved herself much. At first she did not care of her appearance, but later she behaved like an adult. The teachers were always behind her to guide her to show her the correct way. Now she has become the most obedient child in the preschool. She improved noting letters, colors and writing some letters too. She also actively engaged in extra activities compare to the previous year. 

By the second term of the year, she became the most active and affective child in our preschool. The main attention of everyone was drawn toward her. The parents regularly appreciated her progress.

At the end of the year, she actively participated the art exhibition and year ends concert. She has fully contributed her experience and knowledge she got from our preschool in those two events.

But still, apart from all her progress and skills, she is the most active girl. Laughing, dancing, running and jumping are always with her. At the end of year 2009, she successfully terminated two years period with TCR and her parents highly appreciated again the dedication of our preschool teachers in respect. She did not forget to give big thank to Real Medicine Foundation for greatest contribution of all those successes. All had a tear drop at the end of the eye at the time she departed TCR with her mother to enter the school. But Thiruni was very happy and had a cheerful face.

Now Thiruni studies at Deepankara primary school at grade 01. She was lucky to become the best and cleverest student in her class. She got the highest mark for all the subjects and became the first in her term test last April. She had 100 marks for mathematic. Her hand writing is the best in her class. Her class teacher has talked with Thiruni’s mother to know how she was that clever by knowing she is from a very simple poor family. Then Thiruni’s mother has explained the whole story to the teacher and she was very happy to know her history. The Thiruni is the prefect of her class.

All these activities matters TCR a lot and is very proud to bring this story to all, who supports us to make this social service as realistic one. TCR staff is personally proud and happy that we are able to provide such an important service to our community by the support of all our sponsors. Especially we are happy to name, Real Medicine Foundation in first hand to thank and respect their contribution.

Thank you all.

Special Note.

Thiruni’s Mother is looking for to meet a Real Medicine Foundation member or agent personally to offer her respect and thank for their service.

Bellow is some pictures we have selected to give you a sense of her progress and development.

At the playing time, Thiruni on top has held a boy tightly without letting him move. Teachers had to help them apart.

She was always a playful and active girl. While others are sitting on the ground, she prefers lying or rolling over the floor. (On right side)

She prefer having her breakfast at TCR. She is the one, who finishes first.

This is the day, the kids got new uniforms from TCR. Thiruni second from right is clapping and trying to get others attention. She was overjoyed.

Thiruni’s favorite was to attend our monthly fare and become a saleswoman. She is in the middle in yellow.

Today she is selling Banana from her own garden. (on left)

Today Thiruni has become the leader and trainer for other kids. She standing on right train her colleagues for a game.

Thiruni became the one to welcome our chief guest, Miss. Minerva Fernando at a ceremony.

Today is the year end concert, and she is busy in the middle get ready for the next event.

Here the most interesting dancing event of the kids. Thiruni stands right in the middle. She is love to made group dancing.

Thiruni was receiving certificates of the successful completion of two years preschool session at TCR by Mr. Mahendra Andrahennadige. (The Manager)

At moment, thiruni and her mother, most happy couple who wants to thank TCR for all the valuable service provided to community like Thiruni family. She is in her school uniform.




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